How Do I Know What Caused My Child's Autism? Do I Need a New York Birth Injury Attorney?


A: It may be very difficult to find out and to prove what caused your child's Autism. For some children with Autism, the cause appears to be genetic. For other children, the cause appears to be due to environmental elements. Now, a recent study seems to suggest that for still other children, the cause of Autism may be related to a complication at birth or a birth injury. Children who suffer oxygen deprivation during pregnancy, labor or delivery may be at an elevated risk of developing Autism.

If your child suffers from Autism because of a New York birth accident, then you may need the help of an experienced New York birth injury lawyer. The costs of Autism treatment may be high, may continue for decades and may not be fully covered by health insurance or public education. A New York birth accident lawyer (link to July 25 birth injury library article) will investigate the cause of your child's injury, and if medical negligence may have been a factor, then your attorney will discuss your family's rights with you. For more information please call a New York birth accident attorney today at 1-800-PAGAN-911.