A New York Birth Injury Lawyer Explains How an Ultrasound Could Save Your Baby’s Life

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Each ultrasound is a special occasion for an expectant parent. It is a glimpse at the baby that is about to join the family. However, routine ultrasounds do more than provide excited parents with a glance at their baby to be. As a New York birth injury lawyer, I believe that an ultrasound should be used both to enjoy the special moment and to monitor the baby's health.

The umbilical cord is an important part of the baby's health. It is through this cord that connects the child and the mother that the baby receives oxygen and food and discards its waste. A problem with the umbilical cord could result in a stillborn birth or a significant birth defect if proper precautionary measures are not taken.

While not every umbilical cord abnormality can be detected by ultrasound, some rather dangerous conditions can be. For example, an ultrasound technician should be able to detect a single umbilical artery defect or vasa previa. If vasa previa is suspected, for example, an obstetrician may recommend delivering the baby by C-section at 35 weeks instead of allowing a vaginal delivery where the risk of death to the baby can be as high as 50%.

If your child suffered an injury from an umbilical cord abnormality that was not detected through routine monitoring tests or that was not appropriately treated, it is important to contact a New York birth injury attorney at 1-800-PAGAN-911 to find out more about your legal rights.

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